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All the information about your car in one handy place

The Moto Mobi app is an innovative multi-module service that guarantees online access to all the important information about the vehicle you own. The system users can intuitively monitor the activities related to car exploitation and insurance, as well as use the knowledge base on current offers of price estimation and selling, spendings related to vehicle utilization and also social and entertainment sections. Access to the accumulated resources is possible through a mobile device such as a smartphone, as well as a desktop computer.

Moto Mobi is:

  • THE SYSTEM OF ALERTS using the PUSH technology, that is alerts not depending on the app being turned on. The system informs about the dates of technical inspections, repairs, tire exchange or renewing the insurance.
  • INSURANCE - offer comparison site of various Insurance Companies on the basis of the entered data regarding our vehicle.
  • PRICE ESTIMATION - estimating the current price of your vehicle and its possible future price on the basis of current offers found on the web.
  • SALES OFFER - the option to automatically publish a sales offer in several ad websites simultaneously, using a single form
  • COMMUNITY - utilizing social media platforms and gathering a community around your vehicle. It allows for collecting likes for the vehicle, exchanging information between users, creating brand fan clubs, etc.
  • AFTER HOURS - downloading automotive-themed extras such as games, e-press, wallpapers, ringtones or screen savers.
  • KNOWLEDGE BASE - an intelligent search engine that helps to find information gathered in automotive forums in relation to a particular vehicle.
  • SPENDINGS - the register of spendings with an intelligent analysis of expenses related to exploitation of the vehicle, that allows you to, for example, link invoices. Additionally, there?s an option of analyzing the repair costs or spare parts purchase based on the data provided by the other app users.
  • FLEET MANAGEMENT - an excellent solution for owners of small car fleets, that allows for controlling all the vehicles at the same time.