For partners and cooperators'

Are you an owner of a car repair shop?

Are you looking for ways to increase the number of clients?

Would you like to precisely target owners of vehicles with the information about your services and promotions?

We have an excellent solution for you! Moto Mobi is a modern platform and an app that allows for reaching a wide range of car and motorcycle owners with the offer precisely and directly. Thanks to our platform you can reach current and potential clients with the ad of your car repair shop. You can build relations with the newly acquired clients on the go, by informing them about inspections, repairs and current promotions. Moreover, you reach a new group of potential vehicle operators, using the criteria for reaching a particular target group.

Among others, you can reach them using criteria such as:
  • Get noticed

    Showcase your logo and contact details in your application.

  • Build relationships

    Offer to download applications to their customers and remind them of important dates.

  • Advertise effectively

    Notifications that receive data users will be provided with your company. Advertising will be just when most needed.

  • Reach precisely

    New customers are waiting! Use the base of the "free" users of the application, select only those that interest you and a complaint to be.

The criteria on which you can reach with your advertising is .:
  • brand of car / motorcycle / ATV
  • vehicle model
  • area of the vehicle
  • age of the vehicle
  • date of review
  • date insurance
  • date oil change, tire change, etc.
The options for marketing cooperation within
  • A yearly subscription that guarantees access to the app developed to fulfill the needs of your own clients. Preparing the service to meet your requirements and branding, as well as making it available from your website free of charge.
  • Purchasing a databse of free users and reaching them with your advertising offer according to preselected targeting criteria.
  • Price from 75 zł per month!

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